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Enrolement Information


The GDE online portal ( will be opening on Thursday 25/6/2020 at 08h00 sharp

·        Kindly register on your electronic device of choice – laptop, desktop computer or cell phone.

·        You will be required to accept the GDE terms and conditions as the first step of the process.

·        You will then be required to upload both parent and learner information.

·        The system will require you to apply to the school closest to your place of residence after which you can apply at FOUR additional schools of choice.

·        In order to apply at Parktown Boys’ High School, you will need to use the drop down for “Schools within a 30km radius” or check the box for “Boys Schools” or “Boarding Schools”.  Please bear in mind that we have an extended feeder zone and residing in a 30km radius will still qualify your son for enrolment – subject to availability of space.

·        If you have another son who is a sibling at our school, you will be required to fill in his information.

·        If you have not already done so, kindly complete the attached Enrolment Form and submit to electronically to with all required documentation (as listed on the Procedures to be Followed page).


Kindly submit electronically to with all required documentation.

Please click here for an Enrolment Form to join the Parktown Family in 2021!

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