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Parktown Boys' High School believes in the commitment to an ethos of excellence and quality, honesty, integrity and gentlemanly conduct, tolerance and empathy, trust and respect, self-discipline, initiative and enterprise, leadership and team spirit, full participation, free communication, personal and social achievement. The motto of Parktown Boys' High School, “Arise”, inspires the tradition, values and spirit of the learners, parents and staff of the Parktonian family.

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Communication to parents by the School Governing Body

18 June 2018

Dear Parents

More unfounded allegations against teachers emerge


Yet again, Parktown Boys’ High School was in the news in recent weeks, following more unsubstantiated allegations by a handful of anonymous parents/parties against teachers. This follows the Gauteng Department of Education’s (GDE) investigation into allegations of secondary abuse against four teachers after the arrest in 2016 of an assistant water polo coach/assistant hostel master, on the grounds of sexual grooming/molestation.   The new allegations that have surfaced in the media include:

  •  13 teachers being charged for misconduct;
  • two boys committing suicide;   
  • two boys being on a suicide watch;  
  • a persistent code of silence at the school whereby the alleged abuse of boys is un‐reported;  
  • humiliating initiation practices;  
  • boys being forced to watch teachers engaging in sexual acts; and  
  • the school having a patriarchal misogynistic structure that results in the gross violation of the human rights of boys.

Despite the SGB repeatedly correcting misleading reports by the media, inaccurate information continues to circulate and compound further inaccuracies, creating media sensationalism. We are making every effort to curb these reports in the media. We can categorically state that only four educators were implicated in various offences, including the use of racially inappropriate language at school. Two were employed by the GDE and two by the SGB. Two were dismissed and the other two have responded to the charges. Fair labour practice is being followed by the GDE and these cases are following due process as laid down by the GDE / labour regulations.  

There is no code of silence at the school. Following the allegations of a code of silence at the school, Luke Lamprecht, a child development and protection consultant was contracted to investigate and make recommendations in order to assist the school management in implementing various actions that would encourage pupils to speak out. We have repeatedly appealed to and encouraged boys to report any alleged incidents of victimisation anonymously, via the Guardian app.

We attribute these allegations to disgruntled people who have embarked on a lengthy and vicious smear campaign against the school and who are bent on having certain teachers dismissed. We are aware of some parents who have made themselves known in the public space yet they no longer have children in the school and are seemingly following a personal agenda, instead of focusing on healing and moving forward.

Disgruntled parents approached the School Management Team at the beginning of the year and informed them that they would be taking a list of teachers to the GDE to be removed from the school within the week. The threat was made that if no action was taken by MEC then they would approach the media. Most of these teachers are employed by the GDE and were part of the investigation and subsequent report supplied by Fasken Attorneys, an independent party appointed by the GDE. The newly‐elected SGB has received legal communication from the attorney of these parents, demanding broad‐based actions, most of which we have already implemented successfully. We were threatened with legal action upon which we requested a meeting with the parties concerned, who remain anonymous to us, but their attorney declined.

From this we question the veracity of their claims: it appears that they are hiding behind a safety net of anonymity and are repeatedly peddling misinformation to the media.

We appeal to these parties to make use of the Guardian app to lodge legitimate complaints, which can be backed up with evidence or to approach the SGB directly to voice their concerns. There are clear procedures in place for reporting and managing incidents of abuse and other matters, but members of the public and parents do not adhere to the procedures and leap frog directly to the GDE or to the media, making it impossible for the SGB and School Management Team to deal appropriately with complaints.

As reported in The Sunday Times of 11 June 2018, the school has installed cameras in 48 classrooms; has vetted all its teaching, administrative, security and ground staff against the National Register of Sex Offenders; and has restricted access to boys’ rooms in the hostel. It has also appointed a full‐time counsellor to assist pupils.  

This is a high profile school that has repeatedly produced top achieving matriculants in the country. This is a school that has produced young men who now hold high‐profile positions in society locally and internationally and who contribute meaningfully to the economy; a school that each year turns away large volumes of applicants as it is repeatedly oversubscribed for admissions into all grades. We believe that these successes have been founded upon the efforts of a hardworking and committed staff.

New headmaster, Mr Malcolm Williams, who has extensive experience in education leadership will take up his position on 5th August. We would like to thank Mr Kevin Stippel for acting as headmaster of the school for the 18 months.

We would like to reiterate that we are fully committed to the safety of our boys and maintaining the world class standards that our school is renowned for. The school governing body will act on any information given to them fairly and are committed to creating a safe environment for our boys. Despite the media furore and the orchestrated reputational bashing that the school has endured over the last few months, teaching and learning has continued with no disruptions, while our boys complete exams this week. All vacant teaching positions are in the process of being filled.  

If you are travelling during the school holidays, we do wish you and your family a safe trip.

Yours sincerely

Jim Pooley

Chair of the School Governing Body

Wits Maths Competition



A team of 10 Parktown Learners recently participated in the inaugural Wits Mathematics Competition and on Wednedsay 6th June the awards function was held at Wits to honour the individual and team winners.

We celebrate some outstanding achievements from these ten young gentlemen who represented their school with pride!


Parktown finished second overall to St Johns' College by only a slight margin and finished as the top government school in the Grade 10 – 12 division where 381 learners from 77 schools competed for the honours.

Special mention goes to Moein Elzubeir (Gr12) who was the overall winner of the senior individual category.


Congratulations to these talented young men and to the Mathematics Department for these excellent academic achievements!



Representatives from the team, together with our HOD of Mathematics Ms. Gouws

Representatives from the team, together with our HOD of Mathematics Ms. Gouws

 Moein Elzubeir - Overall winner of the senior individual category

Moein Elzubeir - Overall winner of the senior individual category

Mohamed Mosam (Vice-Captain and Ierton Liu (Captain)

Mohamed Mosam (Vice-Captain) and Ierton Liu (Captain)


Grade 8 Enrolments:
Please ensure that you apply on the GDE website at www.gdeadmissions.gov.za and then complete our Information Form and submit by hand with all required documentation asap.
Grade 9 – 12 Enrolments:
Kindly complete the Enrolment Information Form and return to the Enrolment Office with all required documentation




Statement by Jim Pooley, Chairperson of the School Governing Body of Parktown Boys’ High School

The Gauteng Education MEC, Mr Panyaza Lesufi, addressed the parent community of Parktown Boys’ High School yesterday on the outcomes of an investigation into a range of allegations made by some parents.

The findings of the investigation were presented by a legal team appointed by the Gauteng Department of Education and several recommendations were made.

The school has not yet officially received the report. When we do receive it, we will study the report and a final copy will be circulated to parents and pupils. However, more allegations have arisen and the legal team will be looking into this.

As the School Governing Body, we value the support and assistance of the MEC and that of the Gauteng Department of Education, while we are committed to resolving the issues at our school. The School Governing Body and the school are considering mechanisms to enable effective communication with parents and pupils which, when established, will allow effective access to information and management. These mechanisms will be communicated to the parents and pupils as soon as they are in place.

The MEC, Mr Lesufi, appealed to the school community to protect the integrity and reputation of the school as one of the top-performing government schools in the country.

We are also committed to providing a safe environment for our pupils, as well as to the provision of the high-quality education for which the school is reputed.


Jim Pooley

SGB Chair



Pass Rate 100%

95.6% of learners qualify for tertiary studies

180 distinctions from 138 learners



 10 Distinctions

Zidaan Habib

Zidaan Habib


9 Distinctions

Rushil Daya

Rushil Daya

Mohammed Elzubeir

Mohammed Elzubeir

Muhammed Mahdi

Muhammed Mahdi







8 Distinctions

Ramoabi Matabane

Ramoabi Matabane


6 Distinctions

Gabriel Matthews

Gabriel Matthews

Ronan Morris

Ronan Morris

Inemesit Nkana

Inemesit Nkana







5 Distinctions


Griffen Alexander

Shehwar Finger

Matthew Kennedy

Ntsika Mabe

Amir Maharaj

Daniel Taim

Tristan Wilkinson


4 Distinctions


Tebogo Dikgale

Muhammad Moosa

Uwais Suliman



Parktown’s class of 2017 achieved an average of 71% for the IEB Advanced Programme Mathematics examination and 9 of our learners achieved distinctions in the subject!



Parktown Boys gain another Springbok

Congratulations to Ben Clarke on receiving his Sough African Colours for Shooting! 

Ben - Shooting

During the October school holiday the South African National School Shooters' Union held its schools' championship.

Parktown Boys' High School would like to congratulate Ben Clarke who achieved outstanding results in the competition.

He received his South African Gold precision colours and 4 gold medals, with a 100% in prone and silver in the finals. He was also part of the winning Gauteng team.

He also participated in the south African air rifle association championship where he became the south African Under 20 3p Champion and finished 9th in the Under 20 10m standing competition.

Ben Clark's results from the South African National Schools' Shooting Union held from 1-5 October:

U/21 3p 2nd place 582/600 (full 100 in prone)

U/21 3p 1st place 577 (3p champion)

U/21 10m 1st place 379/400

Finishing the finals in 2nd place overall. 

Ben shooting 2

Well done Ben!!

Eurotour 2017

Friday the 7th July arrived with much anticipation, and we were off to Europe!  After a short stopover in Dubai, we arrived in Frankfurt where we went for a tour of the city’s dynamic financial centre and medieval Römerplatz.  The next day we made our way to Berlin, where we got to see the Berlin wall, Reichstag Building, Tiergarten, Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden Boulevard and the State Opera House. Thereafter the boys got to explore the city by themselves and to shop.


The following day we crossed the border into Poland and viewed Poznan with its City Hall, Gothic architecture and the little town, where the boys enjoyed exploring for a while.  We then went to the capital, Warsaw, where we viewed St. John’s Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the Old Town, the Warsaw Ghetto and the Gardens with Chopin’s statue that had been totally destroyed during the War - and all the diverse history of the country.  Our travels continued to Czestochowa, were we viewed the icon of the Black Madonna, followed by a sobering visit to Auschwitz, where the camp exuded a permanent reminder of the horrors that had taken place there.  Irrespective of the boys’ ages, they were definitely affected and moved by the understanding of the terrors that had occurred there under the Nazis in World War Two.


Warsaw continued to impress, with viewings of the medieval walls and buildings, the caste and cathedral on Wawel Hill and an unforgettable experience of our descent into the Wieliczka Salt Mines.  The boys then again got to explore on their own and to do some more shopping.


Driving through Slovakia - with a visit to a ski resort for lunch - we later arrived in the bustling city of Budapest.  There we got to see the Fisherman’s Bastion, Heroes’ Square, St. Matthias’ Church and  panoramic views of the city, whilst experiencing the crossing of the bridges from “Buda” into “Pest” and back.


Győr was our next stop, a little town founded by the Romans with evidence of medieval and Baroque charm, with time to explore the area individually.


Crossing another border into Vienna, we were ready to be enlightened with more culture.  From visits to Parliament, the Opera, the Hofburg, City Hall, this imperial city didn’t fail to impress.  Additionally, a cruise down the River Danube, in the evening, was the “sacker” on the cake, as we got to see that the Danube has never, is never, and never will be “Blue”, but nevertheless the trip was extremely moving.


On our way to Prague, we stopped over in the medieval town of Brno, travelling through the Bohemian countryside and eventually arriving in beautiful Prague.  Famed as the best- preserved city in Europe, we got an in-depth insight into the city’s history from our talented tour guide.  We got to see the Prague Castle, St. Vitus’s Cathedral, the Old town Square and enjoyed a cruise on the Vltava River.


Our travels then took us across the hills to a medieval town that is impeccably preserved in its original state – Rothenburg.  The medieval streets, the fortified walls, the houses and shops with their intricate exteriors and tantalising offers presented us with yet another experience that is never to be forgotten.


Our final stop, before flying back to South Africa, was, again, Frankfurt, where the boys got some time to go exploring and shopping.  All in all, the tour allowed the boys to experience European history, World War history, a diverse exposure to European culture, museums and architecture ranging from Classical to Gothic, to neo-Gothic and so much more!  It was the experience of a lifetime, where the boys came back with a knowledge and exposure to a life and opportunities that changed them for the better.

MN Sarelis

Champions of Johannesburg

Parktown Boys’ Chess A-Team retained the crown of Champions of Johannesburg after beating King David Linksfield by 4(5.5) to 4(2.5) in a thrilling final played at Jeppe Boys’ High School last Monday.

The tournament’s final took place in two stages: firstly both teams drew 4-4 after 1.5 hours of high quality matches. The draw obliged the teams to go to a 10 minutes a-side knock out round that ended with a resounding Parktown Boys’ victory 5.5 to 2.5.

Previously, Parktown beat Saheti by 4(6)-4(2) in a semi final that also finished with a draw in the first match, whilst King David Linksfield beat St John’s College by 5.5 to 2.5 in the other semifinal.

Final standing:

Champions:     Parktown Boys

Runner-up:      King David Linksfield

3rd Place:          Saheti

4th Place:          St John’s College

5th:                   King Edwards VII

6th:                   Jeppe Boys

7th:                   Hyde Park

8th:                   Queens High

9th:                   Jeppe Girls

With this result, Parktown Boys High School accumulated their 3rd victory in 4 years, setting itself as the Chess powerhouse of Johannesburg.

2017: Champions, beating King David Linksfield.

2016: Champions (Jeppe, could not play the final).

2015: 3rd place, losing to Jeppe Boys in semis and beating St John’s for the 3rd place.

2014: Champions of the Gauteng-South 5-a-side.

Chess champions 2017 2

From Left to Right: Mr D Mercier (MIC); K Perumal (Gr 10)l; G Alexander (Gr 12, Captain); S Sarelis (Gr 11), I Nkana (Gr 12); K Moodley (Gr 10); C Els (Gr 9); B Said (Gr 9) and Z Habib (Gr 12, vice-captain).

Parkview Golf Club, the home of Parktown Boys’ High School Golf

Parkview Logo

Well done Tabraiz Shamsi!

Congratulations to Parktown Old Boy Tabraiz Shamsi (2008) on his selection for the Proteas Test squad to play in Australia! #feelthepride #Arise


School fields

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News of our Old Boys!

Trevor Rabin


Trevor Robin


Trevor Rabin an old Parktonian was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in America. He is the first South African to have received this huge accolade.


Kabelo Murray (2012)


Kabelo Murray


Kabelo has been awarded the Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford. We are very proud of Kabelo and this great achievement.


Irfan Habib (2013)


After spending three years at UCT Irfan is back in Johannesburg and will be going to Wits for his Honours in Physics as a Mandela Rhodes scholar. He continues to hold the Allan Gray Scholarship. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement.